Scaling and Root Planing in Sharon, MA

Scaling and root planing are non-invasive and non-surgical periodontal therapies that are used in the treatment of gum disease. Gum disease, or periodontal disease, if you prefer, is a serious infection of the gums that occurs when plaque and tartar accumulate in the oral cavity. Plaque is the sticky material that forms as a by-product of bacterial activity in the mouth. Tartar is the hardened form of plaque. Individuals with bad dental hygiene are at a high risk of developing gum disease.

Symptoms that are indicative of periodontal disease include bad breath, bleeding gums, swollen or tender gums, loose teeth, difficulty or pain when chewing, and receding gums. If you’re showing some or all of these symptoms, contact Sharon Dental Group immediately. We provide scaling and root planing in Sharon, MA, to help patients overcome gum disease and prevent tooth loss.

What to Expect

Scaling and root planing entail a deep cleaning of the teeth to eliminate all plaque and tartar as well as harmful bacteria. During scaling, our dentist or dental hygienist uses a dental scaler to remove all plaque from below and above the gum line. Afterward, the dentist smooths the tooth roots, which is what is known as root planing. Root planing allows the gum tissue to re-attach easily to the tooth roots while also preventing adherence of bacteria to the tooth.

In some cases, our dentist in Sharon, MA, may recommend the use of a locally applied antibiotic to reduce periodontal pockets as well as eliminate all microbes from the sites of infection.

Caring for Teeth After Gum Disease

Scaling and root planing are typically effective in the treatment of mild to moderate cases of gum disease. Depending on your unique circumstances, our dentist near you may recommend one or several sessions of scaling and root planing to eliminate periodontal disease.

Even after achieving success with scaling and root planing, you must continue to practice proper dental hygiene to protect yourself from recurring gum disease. Remember to schedule regular dental exams and cleanings with our dentist to safeguard your oral health for the long-term.

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