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There are many reasons why someone might lose all or many of their teeth—a traumatic injury, periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene habits, dietary and gastrointestinal issues, and so on. Our team at Sharon Dental Group understands that such loss can be quite devastating, but we offer excellent solutions for our patients in the Sharon, MA area that have sustained such a distressing loss.

One of the best options for patients that have lost all or a significant amount of their teeth is having dentures or partials crafted for your mouth. With a new set of natural-looking teeth, you’ll regain the confidence you once had to show off your smile.

What Are Dentures and Partials?

Dentures and partials are oral prosthetic devices that serve as a replacement for missing teeth. Current technology has lent itself to more realistic looking dentures and partials in recent years. The base resembles natural gums, and the artificial teeth appear more natural than ever.

About Complete Dentures

For our patients who have lost all of their teeth, having a set of complete dentures made is a popular fix. A set of complete dentures will be held in place by the existing gum tissue and are totally removable. For now, there are two types of complete dentures available:

  • Immediate dentures are crafted and designed for our patients to start using and wearing immediately after suffering complete tooth loss.
  • Conventional dentures offer a higher level of customization but take more time to be created and put to use—usually around eight to 12 weeks after tooth loss when the gums have fully healed.

Immediate dentures are great for our patients who cannot or simply do not want to go without a set of teeth while they wait for their dentures to be ready. However, it’s important to keep in mind that as the gums heal after tooth loss, their shape and size will change, and therefore, so will the once-comfortable fit of the immediate dentures.

About Partial Dentures

For patients with some teeth remaining or with dental implants in place, partials are a great option. Partials aren’t always removable like dentures because they can be attached to the remaining healthy teeth or implants in the mouth. One of the best things about partials is that the missing teeth need not be consecutive. Give us a call to schedule a denture consultation.

Our dental office in Sharon, MA also welcome patients from the below given nearby areas:

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