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At Sharon Dental Group in Sharon, MA, giving our patients the smile they want and would feel confident with is our priority. Dentistry isn’t just about filling cavities and fixing damaged teeth. It’s about restoring people’s confidence in their smile and appearance. Cosmetic dentistry is a very important branch of dentistry.

While teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, and others are popular methods of improving a smile, many people worry about what the results will look like. At Sharon Dental Group, we can show you what the results would look like before the real work begins.

Imaging Technology

Imaging technologies available here can be utilized to produce accurate representations of what your teeth will look like once we’re done with the makeover. Adjustments to the digital image are easy, and we can edit it as much as we like. We can keep adjusting the digital image until we reach a result you’re satisfied with.

Before and after photos aren’t imaging technologies, but they can give you an idea about the quality of our work. Seeing before and after pictures of other patients can help you assess how well we do our jobs based on real experiences.

Models and Mockups

Models are done using impressions of your teeth or by digitally scanning them. These represent accurate 3D models of your teeth and can be used to demonstrate the state of your teeth now, and the expected changes.

Mockups are temporary changes to your teeth. For example, we’ll apply composite bonding to your teeth that will show us what the procedure would look like. We can make as many adjustments to the bonding as you want and only proceed with the actual veneer once we get to something you like.

These mockups are only valuable for this purpose. Once we achieve our goal, they’re completely removed and do not affect your teeth.

Smile makeovers might take some time, but they’re fun. You’re involved in each step along the way, and we’ll provide recommendations and support. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

Our dental office in Sharon, MA also welcome patients from the below given nearby areas:

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