Dental Bridges in Sharon, MA

When you have multiple missing teeth together, dental bridges can bridge the gap between them to replace teeth. Instead of needing to visit a dental specialist to get a bridge for your teeth, our dentist at Sharon Dental Group in Sharon, MA can take the impressions of your mouth, send the order to a dental laboratory, and fit the bridge when it returns to us.

Temporary Bridge Solutions

If you need a temporary solution for replacing teeth, then you can get a temporary bridge placed in your mouth until another solution is ready for you. For instance, if you decide to get dental implants, you can get a temporary composite or Maryland bridge until the implants are ready for full-time use.

It can take eight to nine months before dental implants are ready to eat with, so in the meantime, you can have a temporary bridge put in to allow you to eat solid foods. A Maryland bridge can replace one or two teeth that sit side by side. They usually consist of a resin material with a metal wing to give the bridge strength.

The wing also acts as an abutment because it is bonded onto healthy teeth that sit beside the replacements. It is a good solution if you are getting permanent replacements such as dental implants.

Composite Bridges

The other temporary bridge is known as a composite bridge. It can be placed in one day because it consists of the resin material that our dentist uses for dental bonding.

Along with using them while waiting for an implant to heal, they can also be placed when people have periodontal disease and need to remove compromised teeth.

Getting this temporary bridge from our dentist near you in Sharon, MA will allow you to eat the healthy foods you love and speak correctly while your gums are healing from surgery or other dental work.

If you have missing teeth but are getting implants or need gum treatment due to periodontal disease, a temporary bridge can supply the teeth you need to eat and speak with. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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