Complete Oral Exams in Sharon, MA

At Sharon Dental Group in Sharon, MA, we provide and recommend complete oral exams to our patients. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a dentist near you who provides complete oral exams in Sharon, MA, get in touch with us. These exams are divided into many parts.

They include gum disease evaluation, tooth decay screening, oral cancer screening, occlusion analysis, and more. At Sharon Dental Group, we’re experts at examining the oral cavity with precision while keeping patients comfortable.

Gum Disease Evaluation and Tooth Decay Screening

Patients who see us because of tooth pain or discomfort did not develop the problem overnight. It’s almost impossible for a cavity to grow enough within a few days to cause pain. These problems exist for weeks and months silently and only manifest when they’ve reached a certain point.

Using our tools and digital x-rays, we can check your oral cavity for signs of gum disease and tooth decay. The sooner we can intervene, the better the outcomes. Earlier intervention means preserving the patient’s natural teeth. If you’re looking for a dentist in Sharon for an existing restoration examination, we do that too. Patients who have fillings, crowns, bridges, and other dental appliances need to get them checked every few months. We also provide occlusion analysis and smile analysis for patients with possible malocclusion.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer can grow insidiously for months. The goal of oral cancer screening is to diagnose it in its early stages so we can treat it immediately. We’ll inspect and palpate your oral cavity, including under the tongue for signs of cancer. We look for masses, discolored areas, and ulcers. Using a VELscope, we can detect areas of abnormal mucosa.

We understand that people aren’t eager to visit their dentists, but complete oral exams are important. The sooner something is diagnosed, the easier and cheaper it’ll be to treat it. It wouldn’t hurt to know that your teeth are in excellent shape, either. Give us a call to schedule your appointment!

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