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People can be intimidated by the thought of an oral cancer screening in Sharon, MA. You might even hesitate to find a dentist near you to get screened. At Sharon Dental Group in Sharon, MA, we provide patients with effective and comfortable oral cancer screenings.

Getting an oral cancer screening near you is important to your overall health. Symptoms of oral cancer often appear late and won’t be detectible until the tumor is large. The vast majority of the people we screen at Sharon Dental Group can go home with nothing to worry about. A few people have pre-cancerous or benign masses, while even fewer people are diagnosed with cancer.

Who Is at Risk?

You might not be eager to find a dentist in Sharon, MA, who can screen you for oral cancer, but it’s recommended for everyone. Some people are at a higher risk of getting oral cancer than others. These risk factors don’t mean that a person will certainly get it. They just mean that a person is more likely to get it than someone else without them.

Smoking is the most prominent risk factor—the risk increases in those who are heavy smokers and have been smoking for many years. Heavy alcohol users and patients with a personal or family history of oral cancer are also at risk. Some viral infections can predispose you to oral cancer too.

Oral Cancer Screening Using the VELscope

The VELscope is a device that emits blue light. It scans the mucosa, and all healthy mucosa will reflect a specific degree of blue. If an area of the mucosa isn’t healthy, it’s going to reflect a different color. This doesn’t mean that it’s certainly cancer. It’s just an area that looks normal to the naked eye and should be biopsied to confirm or rule out cancer.

The VELscope makes our lives easier and helps us screen patients for oral cancer with more efficiency. It’s simple, painless, and only takes a few minutes. It still needs to be combined with inspection and palpation of the oral cavity and neck. Give us a call to schedule your appointment.

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