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When choosing a dentist near you for your complete dental care, including the complete dental care for family members, it’s important to select a practice that provides general dentistry services along with cosmetic dental services, preventive dental services, and specialty dental services. At Sharon Dental Group, our dentist provides these multi-specialty services in our modern office.

How General Dentistry Can Develop Your Beautiful Smile

General dentistry is often considered the foundation for all other areas of dentistry. This foundation is often broken into four key areas that include dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, and dental fillings.

Dental crowns are an essential part of restorative dental treatment within the arm of general dentistry. Treatment focuses on repairing the natural structure of the tooth, so functionality can be fully restored. Because dental crowns are often placed on teeth that have suffered significant damage, they are a critical component to a happy and healthy smile.

If you have a missing tooth, our dentist can provide a solution with a dental bridge procedure, or even a temporary dental bridge while undergoing dental implant therapy. Our dentist at Sharon Dental Group can take the impressions of your mouth, send the order to a dental laboratory, and fit the bridge while your gums are healing from surgery or other dental work.

Partial and full dentures are another great option for a new and improved smile. Dr. Witwit can provide immediate dentures, conventional dentures, and even partial dentures as a solution for significant tooth loss.

And if you’re looking for a way to repair a tooth that’s suffered damage from decay, there’s no better option than a dental filling to add years to the functionality of the tooth. Also, there are many material options available for use in dental fillings, which makes them a top choice for anyone seeking a natural-looking general dentistry treatment.

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