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Protecting your teeth from injury during sports or from night-time teeth grinding through appliance therapy is an area of focus for our dental care team at Sharon Dental Group. We invite you to keep reading to learn more about our advanced and customized treatment in these two areas.

Sports Guards Are Our Most Popular Appliance Therapy

Sports guards (sometimes called mouth protectors or mouthguards) are a top-rated protective device that cushions your teeth against impact injuries. Sharon Dental Group is a leading dental practice that provides sports guards near you. Dr. Witwit designs custom, well-fitting sports guards that are guaranteed to be not only comfortable but offer maximum protection.

There’s a reason that professional athletes choose custom sports guards as a part of their appliance therapy instead of over-the-counter options, and our dentist in Sharon, MA, wants you to experience that same difference too.

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Night Guards for a Whole Host of Dental Concerns

Do you have worn tooth enamel that’s now causing sensitivity in your jaw? Do you experience jaw, neck, or facial pain, including dull headaches that are negatively impacting your quality of life at work, school, or home? If so, you may be experiencing bruxism, or more commonly known as teeth grinding. If left untreated, your teeth grinding will only continue to get worse, but it can easily be treated with a night guard as a part of our appliance therapy protocol offered at Sharon Dental Group.

If you’re tired of waking up in the morning with pain in your jaw, or experiencing tooth sensitivity when you bite down or drink cold or hot liquids, a night guard can provide the relief you’re looking for. Bruxism can rob you of not only a restful night’s sleep but compromise your general and oral well-being too. Instead of continuing with those struggles, a custom night guard as a part of your appliance therapy can help you sleep more comfortably throughout the night!

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