Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Crowns

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Crowns

Apr 13, 2022

Standard dental procedures may be inadequate for some dental damage such as cracks, chips, breaks, or deep discoloration. A dental crown may be an ideal alternative solution to enhance your smile. Since a dental crown covers the entire tooth, it’s an effective treatment to repair severe tooth damage.

Generally, a dental crown procedure takes about two dental appointments. It’s essential to have healthy gums and jawbone. Also, the damaged tooth must have sufficient structure to hold the crown in place. If the tooth’s structure is inadequate, the dentist will build up the tooth for the crown to fit properly.

When considering dental crowns, you might be wondering whether it’s the right treatment option for you. The key thing is to visit your dentist for an exam and professional advice. Still, here are some distinct advantages and disadvantages of dental crowns to keep in mind.

​Advantages of Dental Crowns

  • Improved dental appearance 

A dental crown is a tooth-colored cap placed over a damaged tooth. Since a crown shelters the entire visible part of the tooth, it’s sufficient to hide dental damages such as teeth chips, cracks, breaks, and stubborn discoloration that won’t respond to teeth bleaching. A crown made from tooth-colored materials such as porcelain and zirconia provides aesthetically appealing results.

  • Restores your bite function

When your teeth are severely injured, decayed, or damaged, you can experience chewing difficulties. It can cause malnutrition, poor bite, and jawbone damage. Placing a crown improves a tooth’s structure and strength, restoring your bite function.

  • Alleviates discomfort 

When a tooth has suffered trauma or decay, you’re likely to experience discomforts, such as sensitivity and tooth pain. A dental crown covers a damaged tooth, alleviating the symptoms of sensitivity, inflammation, and pain in the tooth.

  • Durable restoration 

Compared to alternative treatments such as veneers and bonding, dental crowns are strong and durable. Depending on the construction material, a crown typically lasts 10-20 years with proper dental care and habits.

  • Saves the tooth 

Usually, a dental crown is the last hope of saving a severely diseased and damaged tooth. A crown holds a decayed, chipped, cracked, worn-out, or broken tooth. If you don’t address these dental flaws, it can lead to further damage and eventually tooth loss and expensive restorations such as implants.

  • It supports a dental implant or bridge

Your dentist might recommend replacing them with dental implants and bridges when you’ve lost teeth. Two dental crowns are attached to healthy teeth on each side of the bridge for support. A crown covers a dental implant for added strength, aesthetics, and protection.

Disadvantages of Dental Crowns

  • Cost

Generally, the cost of getting a dental crown is higher compared to alternative treatments such as bonding and veneers. However, the complexity of the procedure and material of the crown can also affect the price.

  • Removal of the tooth’s enamel 

One major drawback of getting a dental crown is that enamel shaving is necessary. It permanently damages the tooth’s structure, making the procedure irreversible. There’s also a risk of nerve damage.

  • Can affect the adjacent teeth 

Some crowns, such as porcelain and metal, are likely to cause wear and sensitivity to your adjacent teeth. Ensure you inform your dentist immediately if you experience any discomfort surrounding the crown.

  • The potential need for repair 

While a dental crown is strong and durable, it won’t last forever. Depending on the construction material and the patient’s dental hygiene practices, a crown must be replaced every 10-20 years.

Are dental crowns worth it?

Even with the disadvantages, dental crown treatment is still a worthwhile investment. Your dentist knows your condition and history well enough to recommend the best treatment option for your case. For more information on dental crown services, contact Sharon Dental Group.

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