What Qualifies Under Emergency Dentistry and What Can Be Done About Them

What Qualifies Under Emergency Dentistry and What Can Be Done About Them

Feb 01, 2021

Dental emergencies often strike at the worst times. It’s important to be prepared as much as possible for these situations. One of the things you can do to prepare is to learn which dental issues are considered dental emergencies.

6 Tooth Problems That Are Considered Dental Emergencies

1. Unbearable Tooth Ache 

Patients tend to either ignore recurring toothaches or take generic painkillers to deal with them. Most are unaware that a toothache may be a symptom of a serious dental problem, and it should be diagnosed by an emergency dentist near you.

Oftentimes, toothaches point to dental carries that have reached the pulp. However, it is conceivable that medical conditions, such as nerve damage beneath the gums or tissue damage in the ear and nasal regions, are the cause.

2. Filling or Crown Damage 

Fillings and crowns go through daily wear and tear. It is normal for them to incur damage over time. However, if the damage is severe, you will need to visit a dentist in Sharon, MA immediately. An example of a dental emergency would be if a crown or filling has fallen out and has left the tooth’s interior unprotected.

If left unprotected, the cavity can become highly sensitive and cause excruciating pain. Additionally, the cavity will be vulnerable to bacteria, which may lead to tooth decay if untreated.

3. Debris In Between Your Teeth 

This may sound like a simple dental problem that just requires the use of floss or a toothpick. But without the proper tools or the knowledge of how to remove the debris without injuring your gums and teeth, you might end up aggravating the problem.

To avoid injuring your gums and teeth, or even causing bleeding and further pain, promptly call your dentist to schedule an emergency dental appointment.

4. Knocked-Out Tooth 

A knocked-out tooth is sometimes inevitable when accidents take place. What you should know is that it may still be possible to salvage the affected tooth.

Pick up the tooth and rinse it in milk. Water has the tendency to burst the cells from the tooth’s root surface, whereas milk will preserve it and keep the root surface from losing moisture.

5. Broken Tooth 

The same can be said of broken teeth. Follow the tip mentioned above and soak the tooth in milk instead of water. Do NOT clean the part of the tooth that remains attached to your gums. If bleeding occurs, rinse with a very gentle gargle of warm water (avoid gargling with cold or hot water).

Furthermore, do NOT use cotton products in the damaged area. The fibers of cotton products can cling to the tooth and make it more difficult for your dentist to remove without tugging on them and causing your gums pain.

Experts suggest applying pressure on the affected area with a wet tea bag or a medical gauze. The anti-bacterial properties in tea may assist in preventing the tooth from becoming infected or from filling up with dental abscesses.

If the tooth can no longer be salvaged, you can opt for dental replacement options.

6. Gum Bleeding 

In many dental emergency cases, gum bleeding is a result of trauma. The same is true when it comes to bleeding along the cheek’s interior lining, lips, or tongue. If the bleeding does not stop, you may need to contact your dentist for an urgent dental appointment.

You can try and slow down the bleeding by using a clean cold compress to suppress the affected area. This is just a temporary fix until you are able to give your dentist a call to have your teeth or gums checked. However, we recommend scheduling an emergency visit right when you notice bleeding on any parts of your oral cavity.

7. Broken Jaw 

A broken or fractured jaw may not be considered a tooth problem per se. Yet having an impaired jaw may negatively impact teeth alignment, biting, chewing, speaking, as well as breathing.

It is wise to have this type of injury urgently attended to by a trusted dentist near you. The longer you set it aside, the more discomfort and pain you may experience.

If a dental emergency ever arises, please give Sharon Dental Group a call right away for prompt dental assistance. Delaying dental care could cause further complications.

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