Toothaches vs. Dental Emergencies: When Does a Toothache Call for Emergency Dental Care?

Toothaches vs. Dental Emergencies: When Does a Toothache Call for Emergency Dental Care?

Dec 01, 2020

You can never predict when you or your loved one will need to visit our emergency dental practice for urgent dental care. The truth is that dental emergencies tend to occur at the time you least expect them to.

This unpredictability makes it hard for anyone to anticipate and mentally prepare for these scenarios. Dental emergencies can be nerve-racking and intense. You know this if you have ever experienced any pressing dental issue that required emergency dental care in Sharon, MA.

The only way to ensure that you or your loved ones experience an easier time when faced with a dental emergency is by putting an emergency dental plan in place beforehand. Your emergency dental plan should involve singling out a dental practice that offers both emergency dentistry in Sharon and general dentistry in Sharon, MA.

This guarantees that you will know where and who to visit for emergency dental care near you. Having to look for a reliable emergency dental practice or general dentistry in Sharon, MA, to rush to for emergency dental care can prove to be a very stressful scenario.

The second vital thing you need to know as you prepare for any future dental emergency is what dental conditions are considered emergencies. For instance, are all toothaches considered dental emergencies? Knowing the answer to this question will enable you to react and respond when faced with a dental emergency.

When Is a Toothache Considered a Dental Emergency?

A toothache is one of the most common dental issues that force people to seek emergency dentistry in Sharon. As prevalent as this dental issue is, there are instances in which it is not considered a dental emergency.

A toothache can be described as some discomfort, pain, or pressure from within or around an affected tooth. Several incidences can result in a toothache, and these may include:

  • An abscess or infection
  • Food particles lodged in between teeth
  • Facial trauma or trauma injury
  • A fractured, broken, cracked, or chipped tooth that has exposed nerves
  • Enamel erosion caused by bruxism
  • Gum disease or periodontal conditions
  • Having a damaged or loose filling or crown
  • A severely decayed tooth that has become infected

A toothache always signifies an underlying dental issue. Suppose you experience a persistent toothache which seems to worsen over time. In that case, you should handle it as a dental emergency and seek urgent dental care at our emergency dental practice.

However, if the toothache seems to dissipate over time, you can wait to get it checked during regular working hours at our general dentistry in Sharon, MA, as this is considered a dental non-emergency.

A persistent and severe toothache should be addressed promptly as it usually signifies a severe dental issue such as an abscess or infection. A dental infection can quickly spread to surrounding tissues and result in life-threatening conditions such as sepsis if not addressed immediately.

Dental Issues and Conditions That Are Handled As Dental Emergencies

As we mentioned earlier, it is essential for you to be able to tell apart a dental emergency from a non-emergency. This will eliminate unnecessary panic in situations that do not call for emergency dental care in Sharon, MA.

Here are some of the dental issues that are often handled as emergencies in our emergency dentistry in Sharon:

  • Any abscessed or infected tooth. This is a life-threatening dental issue, which occurs when a pus pocket forms at the tip of the root within the affected tooth. It is usually indicated by symptoms such as severe toothache, foul breath, sensitivity, fever, swollen gums, and facial inflammation.
  • Any persistent and severe bleeding from a cut, tear, laceration, or any other tissue injury within or around your mouth
  • Any knocked-out or avulsed tooth
  • Any persistent and severe toothache or pain
  • Any broken, fractured, cracked, or chipped tooth that is bleeding or causing pain and discomfort
  • Any bulges, knots, swellings, or protrusions on your gums
  • Any loose or displaced permanent teeth
  • Any facial inflammation accompanied by jaw pain
  • Any traumatic injury or blow to your face, jaw, or mouth

All of these dental issues need to be handled as emergencies. Contact us today at Sharon Dental Group for all of your urgent dental care needs and concerns.

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