A Complete Guide to Smile Makeovers

A Complete Guide to Smile Makeovers

Aug 31, 2021

Do you wish your smile looked different? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with cosmetic dental issues that range from subtle and mildly annoying to severe and life impacting. Some cosmetic dental problems are hereditary, while others develop over time due to detrimental habits such as smoking and grinding your teeth.

Whatever type of challenges you’re facing, the good news is that you can remodel your smile through, often, non invasive cosmetic procedures. The process of changing your smile’s appearance via one or more cosmetic treatments is known as a smile makeover.

If you’re ready to begin your dental makeover journey, please call Sharon Dental Group to schedule a consultation. Sharon Dental Group is a family-friendly dental office that offers comprehensive dental services to patients of all ages.

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a smile transformation that consists of a series of cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening, dental bonding, crowns, dental veneers, gum reshaping, and dental contouring.

Depending on the extent of your issues, you may require one, two, or multiple cosmetic procedures spread over several weeks or months. The overall objective of a smile makeover is to improve a smile’s aesthetics.

A better-looking smile can make you feel more confident and enrich your social and professional interactions. After all, it has been said that you’re not fully dressed without a smile. A ready smile can help you make a better impression during dates, interviews, and other situations when your confidence and first impression matters.

Smile Makeover vs. Mouth Reconstruction

Smile makeovers are often confused with full mouth reconstruction procedures. While these procedures aim at improving a patient’s oral well-being, a smile makeover is purely cosmetic. In contrast, full mouth reconstruction or restoration procedures focus on improving function in addition to aesthetics and are often recommended for patients with extensive dental damage.

Common Cosmetic Dental Issues

Cosmetic dental issues come in various forms and varying levels of severity. While they may not influence your smile’s function, cosmetic challenges can hinder your overall well-being by leaving you feeling self-conscious. In addition, cosmetic issues affect patients of all ages, including young children.

You may qualify for a dental makeover if you’re experiencing any of these dental problems:

  • Tooth staining or discoloration.
  • Gummy smile or excessive gingival display.
  • Receding gums.
  • Misshapen or unusually small teeth.
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth.
  • Chipped or fractured teeth.
  • Gapped teeth
  • Worn teeth

Smile Makeover Procedures

After a comprehensive evaluation, your dentist determines the best procedures to incorporate in the dental makeover of your dreams. Common cosmetic dental treatments used to achieve a smile makeover include:

  • Tooth bleaching or whitening.
  • Dental veneers.
  • Dental contouring.
  • Gum reshaping.
  • Dental crowns.
  • Dental bonding.
  • Invisalign or cosmetic orthodontic treatment.

What to Expect

Smile makeovers are usually relatively straightforward and generally painless. The steps involved in a smile makeover are as follows:

  • Consultation. The patient meets with the dentist to discuss their needs, treatment expectations, and preferences. Remember to share any concerns you have at this point so that the dentist can advise you accordingly.
  • Treatment planning. The dentist obtains relevant insights into your dental health and crafts a treatment plan corresponding to this information. Our dentists at Sharon Dental Group rely on advanced dental technology to ensure precision and accuracy during the treatment planning phase.
  • Cosmetic procedures . The dentist carries out the previously discussed cosmetic treatments while following the schedule and timelines outlined in the treatment plan.
  • Brand new smile. After completing the necessary procedures, the patient has a new and improved smile.

The number of dental visits required to complete a smile makeover depends on the patient’s need and the number of recommended procedures. Please note, if you have any issues such as dental cavities or infected gums, our dentist will opt to treat these first before embarking on cosmetic treatment procedures.

Start Your Smile Makeover

Are you struggling with cosmetic dental problems? A smile that isn’t aesthetically pleasing can get in the way of your self-confidence, negatively impacting your social and professional interactions.

To enjoy exceptional smile makeover services, please get in touch with Sharon Dental Group today. We’re a multi-specialty dental office that offers personalized dental care services to the community of Sharon, MA, and beyond.

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